Episode 12. I want to break free – To quit or not to quit?

This weeks episode is a special one. We have been discussing how to quit a PhD with our dear friend and former colleague Alice Newman. She had to leave the University due to personal reasons, and we’re discussing how it felt for her to make this big decision. Your own personal health, either physical or mental, should always be priority #1. Take care of yourself and the people around you.

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Episode 4. Networking and conferences – a kind of magic

Conferences and networking are an important (and often awkward) part of the Academic life. But where to go, how to prepare, how to make most of it, and how to make it through those uncomfortable introductions. We discussed all of this and more with Valentin Zuchuat and Miquel Poyatos More in our latest episode!

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Episode 2. Who wants to study forever – How to start a PhD?

Joining Academia is a big decision, but how do you do it? This week, we’re talking to PhD candidates from other continents to see how they managed their path to a PhD position. Special thanks to Jonas Köpping, Catherine Ross and Tim Cullen.
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