Final. Friends will be friends – The very last episode


We set out on a mission to create the podcast we were missing; 20 episodes with information and universal tips for how to start, carry out, and finalize a PhD. In addition, we dedicated half of the podcast to selected themes that we thought are very important. We have had many great discussions and learnt so much from so many inspiring, brave and talented people. We are so grateful to have had this opportunity and want to send a big thanks to all our guests, the University of Bergen, and all our listeners for making this possible. It has been an amazing journey.

Take care <3



Episode 16. Under pressure – Mental health

Doing a PhD is an emotional rollercoaster – at some point, you might find yourself at the bottom of the ride – struggling to get back up. Mental health is just as important as physical health, but it is still stigmatized and the support system is inadequate. Tobias joined us to share his experience and discuss the importance of openness and access to sufficient help. Please, take care, everyone!
For our colleagues in Bergen, we have collected some links to places you might turn to for help:
• Bergen Legevakt Livskrisehjelp, if you need urgent help:• “Rask psykisk hjelp”, free offer for milder forms of anxiety, depression etc.:

• Psykologisk poliklinikk, offer free treatment through UiBs psychological training clinics (need reference from e.g. “fastlege”: Seksjon for unge og voksne | Psykologisk universitetspoliklinikk | UiB

• Bedriftshelsetjenesten ved UiB, :

• Contact your «fastlege»/GP to get a reference for professional help!

Episode 15. Fun it – Fieldwork

Curious about what scientists and PhD students are doing in the field? Or are you looking for some advice for your own field season? We had a chat with Siri Haugum who has plenty of field experience from several continents and knows a thing or two about successful data gathering. She also got some unbelievable stories to share! Hear about her experiences, and how she accidentally ended up at the North Pole – twice!

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Episode 14. Play the Game — Gender Equality

In this episode, you can hear our interesting and important talk with Ragnhild Gya where we discuss gender equality, implicit biases and what we can do to fix inequity. We all have a responsibility – both inside and outside Academia! Hear about our biases and check your own here: Harvard Implicit Association Test

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Episode 12. I want to break free – To quit or not to quit?

This weeks episode is a special one. We have been discussing how to quit a PhD with our dear friend and former colleague Alice Newman. She had to leave the University due to personal reasons, and we’re discussing how it felt for her to make this big decision. Your own personal health, either physical or mental, should always be priority #1. Take care of yourself and the people around you.

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Episode 4. Networking and conferences – a kind of magic

Conferences and networking are an important (and often awkward) part of the Academic life. But where to go, how to prepare, how to make most of it, and how to make it through those uncomfortable introductions. We discussed all of this and more with Valentin Zuchuat and Miquel Poyatos More in our latest episode!

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Episode 2. Who wants to study forever – How to start a PhD?

Joining Academia is a big decision, but how do you do it? This week, we’re talking to PhD candidates from other continents to see how they managed their path to a PhD position. Special thanks to Jonas Köpping, Catherine Ross and Tim Cullen.
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